Maybelline Limited Edition Color Tattoos Swatched!

Top Row: Gold Shimmer, Mossy Green, Barely Beige, and Rich Mahogany (Rite Aid $6.69)

Bottom: Blue on By, Ready Set Green, Fuchsia Fever, and Test My Teal (Target $5.89)

Finally I found these! I have been searching for almost three weeks for the bright colors on the bottom row and I just found out about the shades in the top row a few days ago. These all have Limited Edition wrappers on them so if you want them start checking around for them. Here are some more pics and quick swatches.

Please remember if you’d like to make a picture bigger click on it!









Test My Teal and Blue on By (top row)

Fuchsia Fever and Ready Set Green (bottom row)









Test My Teal, Blue on By, Fuchsia Fever, and Ready Set Green (left to right)









Mossy Green and Gold Shimmer (top row)

Barely Beige and Rich Mahogany (bottom row)









Mossy Green, Gold Shimmer, Barely Beige, and Rich Mahogany (left to right)

These look beautiful don’t they? Can’t wait to start using them! I love the new colors!

Here’s the video!

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  1. Stacie says

    OMGoodness!!! I need ALL of them. Okay well maybe not all of them. But definitely the neutral ones. We don’t have Rite Aid in Indiana (at least not where I live), so it looks like I will have to wait until they trickle down to Walgreens or CVS. I will be stalking!!!

  2. jrmillington says

    I realize that most people who say that they have issues with the color tattoos are from colder countries. I live in Trinidad (Caribbean) and its very hot here. I notice that the painted purple color tattoo which most people had an issue with swatched creamy and perfectly,and was not at all splotchy as seen in most YT videos. You guys may want to swirl the product around a bit with the fingertip (warming it up) before applying it!! Just a thought

    • says

      It’s almost 90 degrees and one of my Color Tattoos is cracked in the pictures from the heat. The texture of the blue is different in my opinion it’s just not as smooth as the other colors.

  3. Charlotte says

    Would love a comparison between the teals and golds LE vs permanent collection.. they look so similar, especially the golds. I was thrilled to see the beige.. but so wish it were matte.

  4. CrimsonCountess says

    Thanks for these swatches. I just went to my Rite-Aid after watching your video and purchased all of the neutrals. They were buy one get one 50% so that made it even better. Can’t wait to try them on!

  5. Michelle says

    I don’t know what I’d do without your hauls and reviews!!! I love watching you before taking any decisions in what i want to spend my money on!! tk u so much! xo

  6. Nicole says

    Heyyyy I’m a uk viewer do you know if we will be getting these colours in the uk I’m so envious of you getting to live in the us the range of colours are so much better btw I love your videos xxxxx

  7. Stacy says

    I’m in Maryland too!! I FINALLY found the neutral shades after stalking, lol, my nearest CVS stores, Target, Rite Aid then I called Walgreens and asked the girl in cosmetics if she had them. There were one of each left! So she took my name & held them for me until I could get there :-) Now I need to search for the jewel tones, especially Blue On By & Fuchsia Fever. I heard that only Target carried those colors, any truth to that?? If you can’t find them, call around because if they do have them, they will hold them for you.

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