Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Express Flared

Maybelline Falsies Volum’ Express Flared Mascara

I really approached reviewing this with a lot of hope. I did a YouTube video a year ago comparing four drugstore mascaras and in that video I really expressed how much I don’t like the original Falsies mascara. I really made some original Falsies lovers mad as hell. But I was honest and I must say that I just couldn’t get the formula to work for me no matter how much advise that I followed from others that swear by it.

But this version of Falsies I like! As soon as I took my first swipe through my lashes with it I knew it was different. The mascara formula isn’t as wet as the original was to me and I really am able to get great volume with it. I am all about volume and like many, I want to look like I have a billion lashes. I can really build this up on my lashes with a couple of coats and even avoid clumping if I’m really careful.








before/after(two coats)

Please excuse the fact that I really need my eyebrows done! Ha! I wake up some days and it looks like a thousand brow hairs grew in overnight. After two light coats of mascara you can see that my lashes are in way better shape than when I started. I think the mascara wand and quicker drying formula equals a mascara that I would definitely repurchase. I still love my Colossal and L’oreal Voluminous above all others but this is definitely a contender. This is under $10 at the drugstore so the price is right too!

Rated A

If you’d like to hear my thoughts on a few popular drugstore mascara’s here is the video. The lighting sucks, you have been warned!

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    I just acutually tried this mascara today….and I took it back about an hour ago! It did nothing for me. The original Falsies and Black Drama were okay but I wouldn’t buy any of them again. The One By One is my absolute FAVE!! The LOL isn’t so bad either. But that One By One…hot damn! It gives me life!

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