Milani Eye Tech Bold Liquid Liner-#1 Black

Milani Eye Tech Bold Liquid Liner, $7.49 at the drugstore

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I’m crazy about liquid liner, I love black liner, and oh boy have I used a ton of them! I just thought we’d get that out of the way. I’m like the kid that screams everything important before I talk in a normal voice and tell you what else is on my mind. Yeah that’s me!

I was a little antsy about trying this out. The bold felt tip had me worried. I usually prefer a thin, fancy, calligraphy type liner. But this liquid liner surprised me. I was able to achieve a thin line as well as a thick one! Hello-we are in business!

So this isn’t what you might be thinking if you prefer a thin liner. It’s going to give you options. And the other thing that is a must for liquid liners…..this doesn’t budge. I have to take it off for it to come off. And if you are scared about putting this near your eye don’t be. It may look sort of like a sharpie but trust me after the first couple uses you will appreciate how flexible this liner is!

Press Sample


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  1. Nadia says

    Yes! Thank you for this! I was planning on stopping by the drugstore because Milani is on sale this week :) Love myself some Milani.

  2. Barbette says

    Thanks for the review. So no pictures of the felt tip? I very rarely wear black liner, my everyday is Teddy by MAC a bronzy brown. I’ve always thought black looked harsh on me during the day and if I do wear it it’s only at night and only on the uper lash line because I have smallish eyes. Ironically, I have several black liquid liners because almost every other Ipsy, Birchbox or Glossybox has one in it.

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