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Milani Green Safari, Aquatic Style, and Royal Purple Shadow Eyez Pencils


So many of you guys have asked me about these and I’m sorry it took so long to report back. The verdict is in and I love these pencils from Milani. The thing that I was most worried about was if these would tug on my eye. Sometimes pencil products from brands aren’t soft enough for the eye area. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to drag these pencils across my lids because that would suck. I’m happy to say that they spread over my lids like butter!

Shadow Eyez are soft and easy to work with and for me personally I love working with pencils because its so easy to place color on your eye easily without needing to fix any stray color with makeup remover. I get overzealous with powders and creams on my eye so I do a lot of touching up with makeup wipes and q-tips so I love pencils! Putting some color on your eyes is so fast and easy.

I always use eye primer but these pencils lasted beautifully all day. They say 12 hour wear and I can tell you with eye primer they did last. I wasn’t brave enough to go without primer. I used them alone, with powder eyeshadow, and with other cream products like Mac Paint Pots. Nothing kept them from lasting all day and nothing made the true pencil colors fade. These colors don’t back down from any other products which is nice. They are super pigmented and long wearing. I’m asking Milani to please give us more shades! Pretty please with a can of cherries on top. We need like 10 more shades ASAP!

For less then $10 a pencil I highly recommend you pick up one of these. If the colors that I’ve reviewed are too bright I heard from a expert blog reader last week that the bronze pencil (Bronze Deluxe) is amazing too. That might be more work appropriate and can you imagine how fun it will be to use with your UD Naked Palette? I hope that it comes back in stock at my CVS soon cause I’d love to pick it up.

Check these out at the drugstore or wherever you go to for Milani products.

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  1. says

    Wow the colours are gorgeous and vibrant! I’ve seen these online and thought of trying them but wasn’t sure how well they would work. Glad to see they’re as great as I’d hoped :)

  2. charlotte says

    I’ve only bought one (the pinky beige), because I already own all the color tattoos which have the other colors offered… but it’s great. Smooth as silk going on, blends beautifully without smearing all over, and lasts all day. I totally second your request for more shades, would love a dupe for UD Juju.

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