Most Wanted: Nars Joie De Vivre Palette

I get a decent number of emails each day about a variety of different products. Sometimes it’s because of a blog post and other times its a YouTube video. But sometimes things come out and my email BLOWS THE HECK UP because of a product release. I showed the Nars Joie De Vivre Palette in a recent video that had products I purchased from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It is a stunner and an amazing deal if you like Nars.

Priced at $65 you get four Nars blushes, a highlighter, and a bronzer in the palette. Individually these items are not cheap. Blushes are $28 now and Nars Bronzers are $34! This is a deal/steal. And it doesn’t hurt that everything looks amazing in the palette either. I drooled a little when I saw it.

Albatross, Gaiety, and Luster (top row-left to right)

Laguna, Orgasm, and Angelika (bottom row-left to right)

Net Wt. 0.12 oz. 3.5 g (x6)

Last year Nars came out with a palette exclusively at Sephora called Danmari. The palette looks the same but the only item in both palettes is Orgasm blush. I’m so glad that they are different and I must admit I like Joie De Vivre better!

Here are some super quick swatches!









Albatross, Gaiety, Luster, Laguna, Orgasm, and Angelika (left to right)

Now here’s where things get tricky. This is available to Nordstrom cardholders now in store and online (after you enter your card details) but if your not a card holder you can get this starting on the 20th of July. Consider it. It’s a DEAL! On the bottom of the box it says its a Nordstrom Exclusive Cheek Palette so I’m not sure that this will show up anywhere else. Get it while its hot!

Update: A few of you asked for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale video, click here to see it. Notice that most of the comments are about the Nars palette!

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  1. Nettie says

    Wow, seems they be unavailable until the public sale? Even as a nordie’s cardholder they may be out of stock but with reserves for the general public?

    • says

      Hopefully they are restocking and have enough for everyone. I heard from a lot of people that got the last one in store. I imagine online they got slammed too.

  2. Frieda says

    wow, I have been calling around to get this palette. I am in NC and found a Nordstrom in Seattle Wa, mine is on its way..woo hoo, so excited..btw I love your BLOG..

    • says

      I’m so glad you got one! I was talking to my SA at Nordstrom this afternoon about something I couldn’t get from the sale but she found for me from another store. I asked if they were going to have more Nars palettes and she wasn’t sure. They are popular. I hope they restock it!

  3. Dawne says

    I keep going back and forth about whether I should get this. I bought the Danmari palette and haven’t used it much but I feel like I haven’t had it long. I think I like the colors in the palette better and Luster has just caught my eye. It is a good deal though.

  4. Aida says

    Do you know if the sale will start at midnight tonight EST online? I’ve gotta try to get my hands on this and I’m contemplating staying up to try I get it. I’ll be tired for work in the morning but it will be SO worth it of I can get it.

  5. marisol says

    I am a NC 42 and when I saw it and didn’t think enough of the blushes would work on my skin tone. However, I see that you love it and I would love to see some tutorials with these blushes to see how they look on you. BTW love your blog, thank you for all you do!!!

    • says

      This is a blush mixers dream. I’ve mixed two and three blush colors at a time and gotten amazing colors on my NC50 skin. For me it isn’t about using the individual colors so much but mixing a few makes this work. And Albatross is a great highlighter just like everyone has told me before on deeper skin tones. With a light hand that is. It’s a strong color. I’m sure you’ll see some tutorials using this. I don’t do tutorials but others that do will be showing this off I’m sure.

  6. Jennifer says

    Oh I am so drooling right now. I live in Brisbane, Australia and there is only 1 stpre that I know that stocks Nars (only certain products mind you and not this individual beauty). Individual blushes range from $45 each, so expensive. When you say $34 I think that’s a great deal!

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