Nars Oasis Lip Gloss (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE)

















This is my favorite lip gloss from Nars EVER. It’s from the Nars Fall 2011 collection and to me its the best thing in the whole collection. I have a few Nars lip glosses. I showed you my favorites back in May you can check them out here. But Oasis, this is the ONE. It’s described on the Nars website as a sparkling pink champagne color. The sparkle is the cool gold glitter infused in the gloss. It’s the perfect touch and works amazingly well with the pink base color.

Even the nasty plastic smell that usually goes along with all my other Nars lip glosses is gone! Thank goodness for that. Maybe they heard all the complaining about the smell. It was gross and I’m glad to say it’s not a factor in this particular lip gloss. The gloss has no taste to it and has the average lasting power of gloss. I can get up to three or four hours without food or a drink but your going to have to apply throughout the day and after meals. It’s not to sticky a gloss for me and it’s $24 a tube. This looks amazing on its own but I also use it as a shiny topper over pink lipstick. It adds some dazzle to your lips.

Check this out its available on the Nars website. I can’t recommend it enough, I could wear this every day!

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