New L’oreal Infallible Shades- Gleaming Bronze, Pink Sapphire, and Gold Imperial (Swatched!)

This is huge. New L’oreal Infallible shadows are out there guys! I love these shadows because besides being relatively inexpensive they are GOOD. I have several from the initial release and added three new ones from L’oreal’s Summer Collection. I’m not sure if these are permanent but I really hope they are. I got these three at Bed, Bath & Beyond but also spotted these in a display at CVS.

On to the swatches! Please click on any of the pictures if you’d like to see them a LOT bigger! I already dug into these for a YouTube video I posted yesterday so you’ll see that the shadow surfaces on the right don’t look brand new.







Gleaming Bronze








Pink Sapphire








Gold Imperial









Gleaming Bronze, Pink Sapphire, and Gold Imperial (left to right)

I don’t have all of the lighter Infallible shades but I did swatch the other goldish shades that I do have for comparisons for those wondering what these look like with what you may already have. So here Gleaming Bronze and Gold Imperial are swatched with Amber Rush and Bronzed Taupe.









Gleaming Bronze, Bronzed Taupe, Amber Rush, and Gold Imperial (left to right)

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  1. T.R. says

    These were the new colors I was talking about in your Armani post. I picked up all 3 myself. I really like that bronze color. I’m still debating that Armani ETK color. :O)

    • says

      I know I wouldn’t have been on the lookout if you hadn’t told me! I was disappointed that they threw Golden Sage in the mix on that display…I’m greedy four new colors would have been better than three! Ha!

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