New Maybelline Leather Color Tattoo’s-Quick Swatches!!


Matte Color Tattoo’s? It’s like Christmas in June!

I had lots of requests to take still shots of the new Color Tattoo’s I showed in a recent video. They are new for Summer and they are matte! There are five shades in all in the Leather collection and I’m not sure if they are limited edition. The plastic label didn’t say “limited edition” in pink like it usually does with LE collections but I’m not sure what if anything that means.

I am so excited about these because I’ve been waiting for matte Color Tattoo’s. I love my shimmers but matte colors are a basic staple that I have always been eager for them to release. And they finally did. So here are some quick swatches!

maybellinecreamybeigedeepforestvintageplumCreamy Beige #80, Deep Forest #85, and Vintage Plum #90

maybellinechocolatesuededramaticblackChocolate Suede #95 and Dramatic Black #100

I am in love with Vintage Plum, Chocolate Suede, and Dramatic Black. Those are the ones I think that I will get the most use out of. I really think this is a great collection of shades and I’m so happy that they are matte! I picked these up at Bed Bath & Beyond but I think they will be at all the other drugstores soon. Maybelline is hands down my favorite drugstore brand. I always can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Let me know what colors you are excited about. I’d love to know!

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  1. 80sChicwithglasses says

    Chocolate Suede and Dramatic Black have my vote, but if I had to choose just 1 I’d go with Dramatic Black since it reminds me of MAC’s Blackground paint pot that I loved dearly, lol!

  2. T.R. says

    I want them ALL!! I get all the CT’s when they come out. BTW wouldn’t these look great with LORAC’s new pro palette?

    • says

      Yes. It’s funny in the pot (while its closed) when you put them next to each other they look a lot alike. Swatched next to each other they are very different. The taupe looks much lighter than the plum and swatched next to each other they look nothing alike.

  3. Ronda says

    I just picked up 4 of the five color tattoo’s from my local Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I left the dramatic black because I have so many matte black bases already in my collection. My faves are vintage plum, chocolate suede. To my surprise creamy beige is a fave as well. Creamy beige kinda reminds me of painterly by MAC, but a much creamier version.

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