New Nars Concealer-Coming Soon!

I have a Nars Praline/Toffee Duo Concealer but I must say that because it’s in the pan I just don’t use it much. It is a great color match for my skin tone. I love the color, but it’s sort of inconvienient to use. Now there is another option coming out from Nars very soon and they have added new shades to the range also!

The range of shades now includes (from lightest to darkest):

•    Chantilly – for fairest of complexions, true ivory (NEW!)

•    Vanilla – for fair complexions, tiny cast of pink tones

•    Honey – for light to medium complexion, warm peach tones

•    Custard – for light to medium complexions, yellow tones

•    Ginger – for medium complexions, golden tones

•    Biscuit – for medium to dark complexions, balance of pink and yellow tones (NEW!)

•    Caramel – for medium to dark complexions, yellow and golden tones (NEW!)

•    Amande – for medium to dark complexions, golden olive tones (NEW!)

•    Café – for dark complexions, warm red tones (NEW!)

•    Cacao – for dark complexions, deep-gold-brown tones (NEW!)

Price: $22

Available:, beginning September 1st

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