New Obsession: Mac Heavenly Creature Collection (Coming July 5th)

I told you that I wasn’t too excited about the Beth Ditto Collection and the Casual Colour Collection coming out in a week or so. That is turning out to be a good thing because in July I am going to go off on the Mac Heavenly Creature Collection.

I didn’t find too many pictures but the ones I’ve seen are really pretty. Here are some pictures to show you why I’m a little obsessed from Specktra is my favorite place to find information about whats coming up next from my favorite brands.















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  1. clarayim says

    This collection looks so fun! Suits its collection name very well too –(i’m eye-ing some of those lipsticks) are the longer tubes cremesheen glasses? I’m can’t really tell…

  2. Barbette says

    Hey Crystal…I am of the same mind on this collection. I am already thinking about the special storage I will get for them. This collection looks so fun and pretty that it’s going to be ugly when I’m done with my purchases :-)

    • says

      Yeah its so creative and pretty. I’m skipping the other collections coming out this month to make myself feel better about what I get in July! I’m going to need a whole drawer for this collection:)

  3. Rose says

    Oh My Gosh!!!…I so can’t wait for this collection to come out…Everything looks absolutely beautiful…Just like you I’m going to skip on the collections that are coming out this month and splurge on this lovely collection…Ahhh…I just can’t wait…please keep us updated on this collection please =]

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