NOTD: Butter London Disco Biscuit









Disco Biscuit (regular light and w/flash)

Want to see my Disco Biscuit? Ha! Couldn’t help it sorry….Disco Biscuit is part of Butter London’s Spring/Summer collection. It’s a bright hot pink with lots of glitter. The glitter is mostly purple, green, and blue. It’s such a fun color I had to try it!

You can pick it up for around $14 from Ulta or Nordstrom. But before you do let me tell you it’s not a super easy color to work with. I used a China Glaze base coat, two coats of color, and then a top coat (Seche Vite) for my manicure. I used a base coat because many of you told me that this dries crazy odd and bumpy. For some reason the formula is overpowered by the glitter and leaves behind a textured bumpy finish. The base coat that I used helped keep the application smooth and the top coat further helped me to get a smooth-ish finish. So in order to get a finish that you can live with depending on how particular you are BREAK OUT YOUR BASE & TOP COAT with this one. That being said I love the end result!









I am happy with this color and I just have to remember when I pull out Disco Biscuit in the future to use a base and top coat with it. I usually get a few days wear without chips w/Butter London polishes. I’ll update this post if anything crazy happens with this color in the next few days.

Have you purchased any Butter London polishes that you like? I have a few good colors from them. Let me know if you have any favorites that I should try!

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  1. KathyB says

    I’ve always wanted to try Butter London polishes, they look so pretty but I’m disappointed that you said the glitter leaves a bumpy finish. I have a color similar to this, maybe a bit more neon but similar glitter as well, and when it dries you can feel the glitter on the surface. Base and tops coats help smooth it out, but it’s not ideal. I think when I finally find Butter London polishes, I’ll stick with a cream finish.

    • says

      Their cremes are much better. They sent an email today that said buy any three polishes for $30 and I had to delete it before I got sucked in again…

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