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Chanel Starlet Nail Colour, $27 at Nordstrom









Starlet is a recent (in the last few months) release from Chanel that I passed up in the store but once I saw how this looked on other peoples nails I was all IN! It’s funny how some colors look so amazing in the bottle and then turn out flat and boring on the nails. Well this was the opposite. This is one of those colors that looks fantastic on every skin tone.

I think this is going to be one of my most used Chanel shades. I have so many pretty colors from them but this one fits any time of the year and whatever mood I’m in. I used a base coat, two coats of Starlet, and a top coat. I’m testing out some Deborah Lippmann products that I got in a set at Nordstrom. I must say Fast Girls Quick Dry Base Coat and Addicted to Speed are doing so well on my nails. I’m not getting the shrinkage I usually get from my favorite top coat by Seche Vite. I hate when the tips of my nail colors lift up and shrink after top coat is put on them.

In one of the pictures above it looks like that. The shot of my ring finger. Well that’s because I filed my nails after putting on the first coat. Stupid huh? I have a problem with doing things in order sometimes.

This color is still available on the Nordstrom website. Check it out!


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  1. otti says

    Just one single word: gorgeous!! I have Provocation, which is from the same collection, and I’m so in love with it.

  2. Alexcia Redd says

    Beautiful color, but I am going to need you to find a dupe because for that price I can get a Nars blush :)

  3. Charissa says

    Gorgeous color. I don’t own any chanel polishes. Looks like I have to start with this one. Have you tried out the door as a top coat? I just love it!

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