NOTD: Hard Candy Pink Taffy

Hard Candy Pink Taffy #658, $4 at Walmart

I love a good sprinkle! This pretty inexpensive polish from Hard Candy is so much fun! I did a base coat, two coats of Pink Taffy, and a top coat. I love the results and if you have a Walmart near you checking out this line of polishes is a must.









I was worried that this polish would be hard to work with but it’s not. The brush wand is really effective and the sprinkles really look good even on the first coat. The polish is just thick enough to be opaque on the first go around but with a second coat it looks perfectly even and the sprinkles look just right. Great job Hard Candy! I will say removing this is a test in patience but hey for $4 I’ll go with it:) Beauty is sometimes difficult….can I get an AMEN?

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  1. Ruth says

    I was able to remove mine by wrapping a cotton ball with remover around my nail and sealing it with tin foil. Leave it on for about 10min and the polish will come right off. It really does work and glitter removal isn’t a terrible chore.

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