NOTD: Revlon Knockout + Zoya Maisie

Zoya’s Maisie is something else! Take a look at this freakish nail goodness.









I did a base coat, two coats of Revlon’s Knockout (I could have done one really) and then Zoya’s Maisie. Oh and a top coat. Anywho…amazing isn’t it? Mostly it looks green in the light but it looks blue sometimes so thats why I’m in love with it. I picked up Maisie at Ulta. Fantastic purchase. Yay me!

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  1. charlotte says

    That is seriously gorgeous… and who would have thought those two colors would make the end result?

  2. JenJ says

    OMG that’s gorgois! You’re killing me with the Revlon polishes lol! Picked up Midnight Affair today :) Royal is another pretty blue color. I’m on a blue kick.

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