Notice Anything Different? My Caricature Is Everywhere:)


My husband has the best ideas ever. Please don’t tell him that I told you this. He had the idea when we were re-doing the website to get a caricature of me done. I wasn’t really into the idea. But he wouldn’t let it go! He insisted and found the artist to do it and they talked on the phone and I didn’t know what to expect. Two guys talking about what makeup I should be carrying…hilarious. I don’t know if you have noticed but I don’t really put my face on anything. Whether its thumbnails for YouTube videos or here on the blog.

I think the makeup is the star of the show. I’m just the enabler! But this I like. I think its cute and goes right along with what all of this blogging and vlogging is to me. Fun! So you’ll notice I have my little mini me on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and right here on top of the blog. I hope you like it. I wish my legs looked that good in real life…ha!

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  1. Ruth says

    the full size illustration is adorable and your husband did a great job depicting the fun you have in showing of your treasures!

  2. says

    I *love* it!!! I promise not to tell your hubby but, he is a genius and has great taste (which, no doubt, is why he married you!) xoxo Elle

  3. Ronda says

    The artist definitely got it right, even down to the dimples!!! I first noticed the change on your youtube page. Don’t we all wish our legs looked that great lol!!! Nice capture of you and your love for makeup. Well done.

  4. Erica says

    This is such a cute caricature! Your dimples are everything and you are wearing my favorite shade of purple. Your hubby did a fantastic job. I love it when our spouses support our obsessions even if they don’t understand all the makeup. Girl, your hubby even gave you highlights on your face, pearls and cleavage…(lol). Get it Bond Girl!

  5. Allie says

    Oh, this put a smile on my face :) Your husband and the artist did a great job, it really captures your positive spirit and attitude which is what makes your blog/videos so fun to read/watch! Between this and your hubby teaching my college student self how to cook food that’s not ramen (LOL), I’ve got to give him major points xx

  6. Fredetta says

    So cute! Looks just like you! I love your blog and YouTube channel! I saw this yesterday on your video and was like that looks just like her lol

  7. Melva says

    You husband and the artist did a superb likeness, even down to your beautiful dimples. I really enjoy your posts and your husbands recipes.

  8. keasha says

    I noticed it immediately! And its fabulous. I agree with the rest of the “Crystal Crew” your husband is great! (leans over) Does he have a single brother or uncle? A sista need a great guy for Christmas! really! Keep the videos coming. Ive learned sooooo much from them. I need a makeup room now…

  9. Becky Ms6fairies says

    This is the cutiest. I love it! What a wonderful idea! I love all your reviews And thoughts on products. Keep up the awesome work!

    <3 Ms6fairies

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