Palladio Herbal Tinted Lip Balm-Rosey

I can’t believe that I haven’t picked one of these up sooner at Sally’s! Palladio is available at very few places in my town but I’m so glad that I saw this balm on YouTube. It is fantastic. I love Revlon Lip Butters but the price on them varies. With my Sally’s discount card I got this Palladio Balm for $2.99. What a steal!









This balm has a nice smooth texture, beautiful color, and it’s a pleasure to re-apply. I wouldn’t say you get incredible lasting powder from this balm. Its so glossy that its hard for it to stay put for more than 3 hours. But they get points from me for infusing so much color in this. Amazing color. There are several other shades available. I might have to go back and check them out. But this is so beautiful I’m happy with Rosey for the near future!









Besides Sally’s I’ve seen Palladio at Ulta I think also. I can’t remember seeing their products anywhere else. Please check this out if you like Revlon Lip Butters I really think these are comparable. And the price is right!

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    I was in Sally’s the other day.. and I walked past the display and I looked right at these lol. But I didn’t get any because I have WAY too many lip glosses and lip balms floating about. But I think when I use up a few, I’ll try these.

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    I have seen these Lip Balms at Sally’s but I don’t know why I have not bought any products from this brand, I have not tried any of their products. I’ve listened EmilyNoel83 at YouTube talked about this brand and about these balms and she really likes them too so now I have 2 GREAT reviews about them that the next time I go to Sally’s I will buy one, thank you Crystal!!

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    A couple of weeks ago at the Sally’s counter I picked up one of these Palliadio lip balms in Brownie. It was so great that I order the Palliado lipstick of the same name. Outstanding. What luck. I never buy tinted lip balms – but $2.29 screams to be taken home, right? The lipstick was $5.29.

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