Project Z Palette

I like to think of myself as pretty handy sometimes. I’m not one to fix much stuff but when it comes to an organization project I am up for anything. And I love to consolidate and introduce some order and ease into my makeup collection. I thought about moving all of my Mac eye quads into one of my favorite large Z Palettes months ago but I woke up one morning and decided to just do it! I have lots of quads in the older style Mac quad containers and the newer containers. I decided to tackle the older style palettes first!















I searched on YouTube for some de potting Mac quad videos and there are so many. I really liked one tutorial that doesn’t require using heat. I have done that before but I just wanted to sit in front of some reality tv and do this little project and I didn’t want to burn the house down…All I needed was a knife, rubbing alcohol, paper towels, a black permanent marker, and a small saucer.

So about two hours later, I was done! I worked on this slowly while enjoying some trash tv.















The finished product is gorgeous!
















I had four additional Mac eyeshadows left over and only one didn’t make it. I dropped one of the shadows and it broke into a million little pieces but no biggie! I have another large Z Palette to put those extra eyeshadows into. I’m really happy with how this palette looks and I know that I’m going to use these shadows so much more now since they are easier to get to!

Up next I am going to tackle the newer style Mac eyeshadow quads! I’ll let you know how that goes:)

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  1. Daphnee says

    Wow…it hold 27 shadows. That’s almost twice as much as the regular MAC one holds. Have you tried removing the insert from the MAC to see how much it would hold? I think it holds about as much as the Z palette or maybe a few less. Happy B2M :)

    • says

      No I’ve never had one of those large mac palettes, I think it holds 15 or so shadows right? If I did get it I would remove that insert, lol. I want to pack it all in if I can! The newer mac quads are a little harder looking to break into. I think I’ll have the energy for that soon:)

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