Red Blush!

One of my favorite things to break out when the weather gets cooler is red blush! I don’t know why but I love using deeper blush colors in the Fall/Winter. I was lucky enough to get most of these colors recently. Before my go to red blush was Nars Exhibit A but now there is more competition in the red blush category with some beautiful shades I’ve picked up recently. Here is a closer look at the pretty reds pictured above.









Tarte Natural Beauty Blush, $25- I got this several months ago and I love it. This is one of several shades from Tarte made with their famous Amazonian Clay and I have to say this does last an amazing amount of time on my cheeks just like they claim. It gives my cheeks a nice flush of color and it isn’t to bright for me. It’s the most natural red of the bunch! I reviewed it back in April check out that review here.








YSL Blush Radiance #5, $45- I got this pretty blush recently since it was a part of the YSL Fall 2011 collection. I love that there are two flat squares of color and two shimmery ones. I mix them both together of course when I put this blush on but hey it makes the whole presentation a little neater! This is a nice deep shade and my first YSL powder blush. I love it! I did a detailed review recently on this please check it out here.









Nars Exhibit A Blush, $27- Nars makes some of the best blush I’ve ever tried. Everyone told me about how great Exhibit A was and I have to say that they were right. It is really scary looking in the pan. I know that. But let me tell you its fantastic as long as you aren’t heavy-handed with it. I use a light touch and it gives me all the color I need on my cheeks and lasts all day. I hope you can see that its pigmented as a blush can be in the swatch above. Isn’t that amazing? Wow!









Chanel Joues Contraste Rouge Blush, $43- I love this blush, it has a great shimmer to it but like the other blushes here you have to use a light touch with it. It looks similar but a bit lighter than the YSL blush. They both have that pretty shimmer. I reviewed this blush recently, check out the details here.









Stila Poppy Convertible Color Lip & Cheek Cream, $25- I snuck a cream blush in this post because this one in particular is pretty fantastic! I got this months ago and I’m so glad I picked it up. It’s a product that you can use on your cheeks or lips so it’s a great multi use product. I love the Poppy shade and you can see on my finger that it’s really pigmented! I think that I’m going to have this for a long time because you just need a tiny bit on your cheeks and a little on your lips. See the full review on Poppy here.

I hope you liked taking a look at some of my favorite red blushes, are there any that you’d recommend?

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  1. Pappetee says

    Hi Crystal,

    Thanks for this recent post as I am also a huge fan of pigmented to very pigmented blushes, lol! I have the Chanel Rose Tourbillon and I love, love, love it… looks scary in the pan, but when I apply it, it gives my cheeks a healthy flush of color. I want to purchase either Chanel Rouge/YSL # 5 but I am not sure if it would look good on me? I am currently NC30-35 and sometimes turns into NC25 during winter. Would appreciate your advice. :-)

    • says

      Hi! The YSL or Chanel Rouge could work for you with a light touch. I have seen the blush on a friend that is the same Mac foundation color you are. She just tried the chanel rouge blush out on the back of her hand a few times to figure out how it would look on her cheek after dipping her blush brush in it.
      There is another blog that I read from a girl that is a much lighter skin tone-here is the link with info on how she uses the Chanel Rouge:

  2. Pappetee says

    I just checked Reika’s site and based from the photos, it looks like she’s fairer than me. The Rouge looks lovely on her. Once I get that red blush, maybe I’ll try to use a skunk brush first (sort of initiation for me into the world of red blushes and I don’t want to get so scared, lol). I will keep you posted. Thanks so much, Crystal! ;-)

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