Revlon Colorburst Lipstick Cherry Ice & Strawberry Lipgloss

I’m a big fan of Revlon’s Colorburst lipsticks and Colorburst lipgloss. They come in some amazing shades and I stocked up this week on quite a few Revlon products since they are buy one get one 50% off at my favorite drugstore this week. So there is a lot of Revlon coming your way from me..I’ll warn you now!

The reason I’m such a fan of both the Colorburst lipstick and lipgloss lines comes down to two things. I love the shades and I am happy with the moisturization that you get when using these products alone or together. This combo is especially interesting because both the lipstick and lipgloss shades have a LOT of silvery glitter in them. I mean a lot! It’s a glitter bomb…On the swatch picture above the lip gloss is on the left side.




Lipstick+Lipgloss together=glitter bomb!





There is so much glitter in these two products separately that when they come together it’s too glittery I’d say. So I prefer to use these colors separately. They are both beautifully pigmented, so I’d say pick either the gloss or the lipstick unless your really a red fanatic or you catch a good sale.

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick retails for $8.99 and the gloss $7.49, check them out at a drugstore near you!


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  1. Lavendar says

    I can’t really see the glitter bomb in the pic; but I agree, the color is gorgeous on you.

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