Revlon Lip Butters Review

I love these, I can’t tell you when I’ve been this excited about a product. These are perfect if you love lip color and want your lips to be moisturized too. There are 20 shades and they cover a full range so there is something for everyone. I tend to go with more pigmented colors so out of the eight colors that I got most of these are very pigmented and I also got a great nude.

These Lip Butters have no smell or taste and need to be touched up after meals and drinks. This is not something you can put on and forget about the rest of the day. You are going to need to touch up but trust me its a pleasure!

Here are the shades I got on my lips. I did these shots quickly so I hope you get an idea of what each color looks like. They are all beautiful to me!









Raspberry Pie #10 and Brown Sugar #20









Candy Apple #35 and Red Velvet #40









Berry Smoothie #50 and Cherry Tart #70









Lollipop #75 and Sweet Tart #90

If you have a CVS nearby they are doing all Revlon products buy one, get one half off through the 19th. But these are showing up in all the drugstores and usual places that Revlon products are sold. So check your usual spots and hopefully these Lip Butters are there.

These get a huge thumbs up from me!

Rated A+

Here is my video review if you want to see more:)

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  1. Lavendar says

    Yeah!!! I finally found them at Rite-Aid and they are still BOGO 1/2-off there too. Plus Wet-n-Wild is 40% off. That was too much. They didn’t have all the colors I wanted, based on your pics and review, but I got Peach Parfait, Berry Smoothie, Creme Brulee, and Pink Truffle. Plus I got 3 WNW eye shadow palettes and a bronzer. Product pushers really get you in sooo much trouble! LOLOLOL

  2. Madelyn E says

    Hi Crystal , I just loved your video blog of the Revlon Lip Butters . I ran out to my CVS at 11:30 PM to find them. I bought 2 Lollipop and Candied Apple in honor of your tempting review .

    They are so addictive. You make it seem so fun – the way you describe everything . I told my collefe age daughter, mother, 11 year old niece ( you can never start em too young ) about these lip butters and of course about your blog !!
    I favor more the high end stuff , I feel I’ve earned it at my age . But the inexpensive items are so much fun too !!

    you were right, buy one get the second lipstick half off . !!

    Look forward to more of your entries .

    • says

      Im so glad that you found them and got them on sale! I love Lollipop, I think its my favorite one. I really can’t believe its as pigmented and moisturizing as it is. Thats kind of amazing. I feel like I’ve earned the high end stuff too. Its funny I notice that I am happier with it and I get more use out of it. But I love a good deal, I’ll never stop hunting down the best the drugstore has to offer. Thanks for letting me know you got them!

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