Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss-Kiss Me Coral









Revlon Super Lustrous Kiss Me Coral Gloss, $7 at Rite Aid

I can’t be alone when it comes to Coral madness can I? I am crazy about coral and I will do anything to get it including buying glosses at full price (four of them) and then coming back a week later when there is a sale and sweet talking the cashier into returning and then re-ringing my products up at the sale price. There I said it AND I did it! Ha! I figured it wasn’t so bad since I wasn’t really returning the products. Hey like my mama always said while I was growing up “after all (insert large corporation name here) has more money than me!”

Anywho this gloss is great. I love the pretty coral color. It’s got some sparkle to it. Not a blinding amount but just enough. My only issue is with the doe foot applicator. I guess thats what the problem is. This is not one of those glosses that you can slap on and go. Very little product comes out of the tube on the doe foot applicator. It takes four dips worth of product to get my lips covered. Once I have all that smoothed on I’m good. The gloss smells a little odd but there is no taste to the gloss. I can’t place the smell. I think it might be a plastic kind of scent. It’s not very strong.









This lasts the average amount of time on me. I touch up after drinks and meals. Since I have to work with the doe foot applicator I wish the opening was wider or something but I’ll deal because I love the color!

Have you tried any of these reformulated glosses from Revlon? I miss the old packaging but I love what is inside even better!

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  1. sheri says

    I get price adjustments all the time ….. why not they know we are going to turn right around and buy another product with the savings!

  2. Beth Knight says

    Wow!! I love that color and it looks great on you. I only have one new Revlon gloss and it’s called Snow Pink (which is really peach, if you ask me). Anyway, I’m going makeup shopping tomorrow with some birthday money and I’m going look for this color!

  3. Ahhhsoneo says

    Wow! That looks really good, haven’t looked at revlon glosses in a while, but I’m going to have to check this!

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