Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lipstick #01

I knew that I liked Rimmel Lipstick. I have one shade that I’ve worn out and I can’t even tell you the name of the color but now there is a new kid on the block. It’s in a pretty black tube and it is #01 for a lot of reasons for me.

It’s one of the prettiest drugstore reds that I’ve ever purchased. It’s moisturizing and the color is just perfect. There are a few reds available in this collection but I knew this was the one for me. It’s a deep and sexy red but bright. Just bright enough to be pretty and not orange. I don’t do well with orangey reds. I feel that I need full on orange or full on red, not a mix of both. Don’t get me wrong I do love orangey coral lips.

This shade is comfortable to wear and has decent (4hr approx) staying power. I only ended up touching up about once or twice a day. I think they’ve really done a good job making a smooth easy to wear formula with staying power. I love a creamy lipstick but I still want it to stay put for the most part, who doesn’t? This one does thank goodness!
















Pretty huh? I hope you think so. This is a steal at the drugstore. For less than $10 you can pick this up and I’ll warn you everywhere I’ve seen these they have a TINY display. Like two of each lipstick color so check them out quick! I hope this ends up being permanent because I’d definitely buy another backup. I’m loving this red!

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    This is a very pretty red and I’m looking forward to spotting this display to check out the others. I’m with you on either having orange or red but not both. They don’t seem to go w/ my deep olivey skintone which isn’t a big deal because I love that stop the traffic, old school red.

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