Santino & A Big Drugstore Haul!

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  1. Velicia WilliAms says

    Thank you for your hauls. I love how clear & concise you are about each item. It helps to know the price, the quality and where that product is carried.
    Look forward seeing how the products worked for you.

  2. Jacqueline Doyle says

    Hello Crystal,


    I have a “NONE BEAUTY” QUESTION regarding the paint color in your Sun Room. You should see the swatches in our Sun Room because I have been trying for some to find it. Your Sun Room Color is what we have been looking for. Can you please let me know. I really would appreciate it. I would have reached out to you through YOUTUBE but they require the creation of a YOUTUBE channel and I am jus not that computer savvy.

    Thank You,
    Jacqueline Doyle

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