Several Mac Collections are Coming in April! Are you ready?

Fashion Sets Collection

Last month I did a rundown post on all of the pretty collections coming out from Mac in April. It’s going to be a big month full of color and temptation. I can’t wait. I wanted to make sure that if you are a Mac Cosmetics fan you are prepared. Please take a look at that post here if you haven’t already. It’s got all the info on four of the collections in detail. Yes I said four. Mac your outrageous!

Now the fifth one. I just scratched the surface on that one so I’ll detail it here. I’m on the fence about this one. It’s a Pro store release. But you can call a Pro store and order and they’ll send the products to you in case you are interested. Nudes and Metallics are really tempting! Might be worth getting a blush at least! I might have to stalk this collection too!

Nudes & Metallics April 18 (Pro Stores Only)

Nude Collection

Lipstick 15.00 US/18.00 CAD

Angel’s Kiss – Sheer soft pinky nude with pearlized pigments (Amplified)

Wholesome – Sheer, warm mid-tone nude (Amplified)

Nearly Nude – Sheer, warm pink nude (Amplified)

Restrained – Sheer, neutral mid-tone nude (Amplified)

Eyeshadow 15.00 US/18.00 CAD

Bare Minimum – Sheer soft pinky nude with pearlized pigments (Satin)

Body Conscious – Sheer warm. mid-tone nude (Satin)

Glimpse of Flesh – Sheer warm pink nude (Satin)

Exposed – Sheer neutral mid-tone nude

Powder Blush 21.00 US/24.00 CAD

Barefoot – Mid-tone warm pink (Satin)

Metallic Collection

Lipstick 15.00 US/18.00 CAD

Show-All – Heavily metallic deep red (Frost)

Subverted – Metallic brown (Frost)

Pre-Raphaelite – Deep metallic mid-tone berry (Frost)

Dominate – Deep metallic purple (Frost)

Eyeshadow 15.00 US/18.00 CAD

Loves Lure – Metallic deep red (Veluxe Pearl)

Deep Fixation – Metallic brown (Veluxe Pearl)

Crimson Tryst – Deep metallic mid-tone berry (Veluxe Pearl)

Brazenly – Deep metallic purple (Veluxe Pearl)

Powder Blush 21.00 US/24.00 CAD

Stylish Me – Deep mid-tone mauve (Satin)


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  1. LeToya says

    I am just looking forward to the lip pencils and MSFs.I figure I can play around with the lip pencils and my MANY lipsticks and glosses since I have variations of almost all the lippies that are coming out (SIGNS OF A BEAUTY JUNKIE)But I may cave and get a blush or eyeshadow also from the Extra Dimension colelction. I’ve been saving up for these collections so I’m pretty stoked!

  2. Khalilah says

    YES!!!! I have added the dates to my calendar…So excited I can finally get my hands on these LE items! Are you?

      • Khalilah says

        lol!!! I can imagine he did. Are you planning on going to the counters or ordering online? Oh by the way, I know this may not be the forum for this product review but I purchased the E-Diva and I am IN LOVE!

        • says

          I always order online. That E-Diva looks beautiful!!! My friend sent me a link to it recently and I was like oh wow! Looks good. I love being able to see all of your makeup!

  3. kmr says

    How far in advance can you order from a pro store? I need those nude blushes and maybe a few metallic lipsticks ;)

  4. Barbette says

    I saw on Instagram that they are already out at some stores in Dallas. A lady I follow purchesed four lippies. I’ll link you so you can see her swatches.

    • says

      They put it up a little early on the pro site when a collection is releasing. It used to be a week but lately it’s been a few days. It’s a discount card so you have to apply for it.

  5. Scherolyn says

    I checked my email at about 10:00 this morning and heroine lipstick was already sold out. I think I had better get to Macy’s bright and early on the 4th!

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