Sleek Blush By 3-Flame #365

I love Sleek Blush. When I heard they were doing sets of blushes (5 choices in all) I was on it. I picked up two of them and I thought I’d show you Fame #365 first! Like red blush? Hope so!








Furnace, Bon Fire, and Molten (left to right)









Furnace, Bon Fire, and Molten (swatched top to bottom)

Furnace, Bon Fire, and Molten (left to right)

These blush by 3 compacts are $15.99 each. The quality of Sleek blush rivals Nars to me. The pigmentation is fantastic. These shades last all day and I love the center matte shade and popping a little shimmer shade on top when I use this compact. If you are in the states you do have to order from but the good thing is they make fantastic products and I order from them a few times a year to make the shipping fees hurt less. My favorite products from them are the Face Contour Kit ($10) and the single blushes. I did a post on my favorite four blush singles Sunrise, Pomegranate, Coral, and Sahara ($6.50 each) a while ago. Don’t let Sleek blushes pass you by.

I have one more Blush By 3 set to show you. It’s called Pink Sprint. It’s bright as hell and I love it!

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  1. JenJ says

    Nice! I’ve yet to order from them. I did order some LeFemme blushes over the weekend and they’ve shipped. You should check them out. Hella inexpensive and they’ve gotten rave reviews on youtube.

    • says

      Sometimes I think we share a beauty brain. I ordered enough blushes to fill a palette (Lefemme) on the 4th of July and got them last Friday! I love them so far!

      • JenJ says

        Haaaa!! Toooo funny! I was going to order a palette but then I had to tell myself to fall back lol! So I ordered 4. I already have a half full z palette that I can put them in. So that’ll do for now. I’m sure eventually I will get a palette and fill it up. So you should sooooo a video on your palette :D

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