Sonia Kashuk Satin Luxe Lip Color-Red Orange #95









Sonia Kashuk Satin Luxe Lip Color-Red Orange, $9.99 at Target

Talk about bright and beautiful! This moisturizing shade from Sonia Kashuk is something that I know a lot of people are going to want to pick up. For $10 this is a great little lippie. It’s moisturizing and fully pigmented glam lips all in a tube.

I’ve shown you a few shades from Sonia Kashuk lately and I haven’t run into anything that wasn’t amazing yet. From the Ultra Luxe Lip Gloss in Polished Plum to the Luxe Lip Color in Sheer Plum. It’s all really good. There are so many pretty colors to choose from you might want to pick up a few of these products!

Lets talk about Red Orange. This lip color doesn’t have a noticeable taste or scent. It lasts well throughout the day but I did do touch up after meals. I love the way my lips feel while wearing this. It’s a light formula so you don’t feel like you have anything on but man people are going to take notice if you walk in with Red Orange. It’s super bright and I love it. There are so many other pretty shades available I had to stop myself from getting like five more. I have one more to show you but had to start things off with this one.

I know my girls that love brights are going to be stalking Target for this one! At $10 it’s hard to talk yourself out of picking this up! Just do it!

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  1. Anya says

    Yes, I agree! I have this one and LOVE it! Try the red one– it is right up there with MAC Red in terms of brightness and it is super creamy. I love this line of lipsticks from SK. You look great in this :)

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