Speaking of D&G Lipsticks…

There is a new limited edition collection centered around Monica Bellucci! D&G has great taste. There are six lipstick shades:

Magnetic Monica: a sophisticated glossy plum
Only Monica: a candy pink sugared-almond shade
Natural Monica: cappuccino-creamy taupe
Italian Monica: a strong chili pepper red
Chic Monica: a soft velvety petal pink
Attractive Monica: a rich cardinal red

These are at Saks for $32 each. I might have to check out one or two shades before they are gone! I love little video’s on collections. If you have time check out the one below. It’s cute and short. I like it! And I NEED to know what color she is wearing in this picture. I need that color! BAM!

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  1. Barbette says

    That’s Lepooke – she’s great! Isn’t she adorable, really nice also. However I’m confused, she’s not talking about lipstick this is her Julep giveaway video. How do you know what she’s wearing on her lips? Plus her lips are naturally pigmented so it may be hard to figure out what she is wearing. Have you tried sending her a message?

    Love Goss also – he knows his stuff. Hands down an authority for me when it comes to makeup expertise. His reviews are short and sweet.

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