Sunday Riley Antique Honey Creme Lip Gloss


Sunday Riley Antique Honey Lip Gloss, $28

I love trying out new things. Sunday Riley is a brand that I came across in NYC at Barney’s so when the makeup line came to Nordstrom recently I figured a full scale investigation was in order. I started with the lip gloss. I judge a brand by the lip gloss the same way that I judge an Italian restaurant by the Chicken Parm or Veal Parm. Mmmm now I’m hungry.

Back to the gloss! Sunday Riley I have mixed feelings. Here is the low-down!

For $28 I feel like a gloss should be perfect. This one is great but $28…your killin me!

A true innovation in lip gloss! A super conditioning, non-tacky formula adds a high-gloss sheen to lips. Sunflower seed oil ensures a high level of hydration for the prevention and treatment of dry, chapped lips, while photo-stable vitamin C provides antioxidant protection, increases collagen levels to maintain youthful plumpness, reduce melanin production, brighten skin and repair the effects of UV exposure and other environmental damage. One-stroke color application offers superior shine in universally flattering shades, ranging from semi-translucent to shimmery to intense pops of vibrant color. Perfect worn alone or layered over lip color to create endlessly customizable shades.

  • Paraben-free.
  • 0.23 oz.

This gloss is very moisturizing and so light it hardly feels like you have anything on your lips. It isn’t sticky at all. In the weeks I’ve been using this I found it to be perfect for days when my lips were dry and hard to deal with. Even when my lips are acting up I want some color on them. Antique Honey is perfect for that. It’s a great every day shade. Take a look at a quick picture I took with it on my lips.

I know I post a lot of colorful shades in most of my posts but I like a good neutral shade and this is it! I picked up another gloss color from Sunday Riley that looks like it has a lot of color. I wanted to try something that at least looks like most of the bright shades that I have. I’ll post on it soon.

I’d say that Sunday Riley gloss is not a must have but nice to have. I picked up two shades and I’m done. I’ve got enough expensive lip gloss habits as it is!

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      I’ve tried and returned some horrible glosses this isn’t one I’d return. The whole neutral thing isn’t for everyone but then again they are my lips and I can see it every time I put it on easily. It isn’t clear on the lips in the slightest-that is a returnable offense for sure!

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