The Makeup Show NYC May 13th & 14th

Last year I went to The Makeup Show Chicago but this year I’m going to NYC! I love these kinds of things can you tell? All the details if you live in NY or are close are available on The Makeup Show website, click here to check it out. They are coming to Chicago, Berlin, and Orlando later this year so if thats better for you check their website out for details.

The information on what you need to attend this event is there as well. It’s a pro event so its open to a wide variety of individuals connected to the makeup industry besides makeup artists. Cosmetologists, aestheticians, photographers, etc. are all welcome. And the list of companies attending is there too. The highlights in my opinion are Make Up For Ever, Mac, and give me strength….Nars. I can’t wait! Last year in Chicago YSL was there and I was so psyched.

Check for details!

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  1. destine2grow says

    I didn’t know it wwas coimng to Orlando. I am definitely going. Gotta get my duckies in a row because I am going to ho crazy when I get there. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

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