The New Wet n Wild Poster Child Coloricon Palette Isn’t What I Thought It Would Be


Wet n Wild Poster Child Palette, $4.99 at Walgreens

I was so excited about this new palette from Wet n Wild. I have several 8 pan palettes from them that I love but this one is different. It isn’t going to be limited edition thank goodness but…..the texture of the shadows is off. They are powdery and the pigmentation is off as well. It’s enough to make me wonder if this new shadow formula is for me. I had to dig to get these swatches for you and on my eye the shades just weren’t like the old 8 pans. I’m worried. They didn’t go on as smoothly. Yikes! This palette is so darn pretty though. Aghhhhhhh!

The darker shades on the bottom (black and dark blue) really need to be built up to show their pigmentation. It’s not as smooth and buttery as usual. Come on Wet n Wild….y’all are the go to for drugstore eyeshadow. Go back to doing what you do best!


The chalkiness of the lighter colors on the left side is worrisome. Here are the shadows swatched thickly on my hand without primer.


And the right side of the palette.


Poster Child isn’t a bad palette but she’s not great either. I’m glad I purchased and I will use this but I really wish since the color line up was so bright and beautiful the texture and pigmentation were just as amazing.

Let me know if you’ve picked this up yet and if you notice a difference in the shadows. Maybe its just me.

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  1. Mariposa Angelique says

    There’s so much promise looking back at you from the pan, too bad!! BTW I’m loving your new blog look…go Bond Girl!!

  2. 80sChicwithglasses says

    I saw this today, and started looking at it closely. There were lots of powdery bits in the palette. I’m a big WnW fan and I know my other palettes never looked like that. I looked at the other ones and they looked the same. I decided to pass and after reading your post I’m kinda glad that I did. Thanks for the great post :-)

    p.s.- I’m LOVING the new layout!

    • says

      Smart move, I just hope they go back to the formula in the other palettes! Thanks I love the new updated version of the site. I should have done this a while ago!

  3. says

    Oh I really like the new website! Very clean and readable. Not saying that last one wasnt but white with neutral colors or not so vibrant colors is always eye catching.

    I like the colors of the palette btw. Very pretty. Especially that blue!

  4. Tara says

    I love WNW but ladies! This palette is horrible. I would tAke it back, but I collect WNW products. They needed 2.00 coupons off, instead of 1.00 coupons.

    Signed Disappointed Michigander.

  5. says

    I purchased this, then I took it back and got two other smaller new palettes. I got the naked truth and the pick and purple one…. I forget the name. Nice review….. I don’t think I will go back and get this one.

  6. Charise Johnson says

    I bought the Paley and like it the pigmentation in fine perfect for me but then again I am pale as all get out. The black is not a black it is a charcoal grey which I love because black is too harsh on me. I think I got lucky my paet was not powdery and all the colors went on smooth.

  7. says

    Such a shame because the shade selection is beautiful. I dislike when W’n'W eyeshadows underperform because I have come to expect a lot from them xx

  8. Danielle says

    I thought this’d palette might be “off” because the bright colored new 5 pan palette was really chalky and patchy on application. So sad =(

    • says

      On the website it says they have macadamia oil in the five pan shadows. I wonder if thats new and if its in this one. I was so excited about this but was like darn!

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