Things That I Do, That I’m Afraid To Tell You….

There are some things that I’ve been doing recently that I haven’t talked about and I want to get your thoughts on. Nothing earth shattering, just stuff that some of you out there might strongly disagree with.













For months I’ve been cleaning my makeup brushes with DAWN. You know the dishwashing liquid? There I said it. Sam Fine my favorite makeup artist swears by it and let me tell you it works! I’ve gone through bottles of Mac Brush Cleanser and tried a few other brands but Dawn is amazing. If you have makeup brushes with white bristles that are no longer white….try Dawn. BTW, Palmolive works too! My blush brushes and foundation brushes are dazzling white again. After the first wash with Dawn all that stained in pigment was gone. Amazing! I have heard that this cuts down the life span of your brushes etc. But let me tell you I get seriously creeped out using a brush that doesn’t look clean. So for me this is working.











For weeks now I’ve been using Phillip’s Milk of Magnesia (Original Formula only, the flavored ones can irritate your skin!) as a primer on my t-zone. This is a biggie. I have a super oily t-zone and summer is my least favorite time because my skin oozes oil. This is the best oil stopper I’ve ever seen. I read so many articles about this. I read about all the bad things that can happen and all the cautions. Some people have had horrible reactions to using this. There is a learning curve when it comes to how to use this or how much you need. Basically I just shake it up, unscrew the cap, and dip my clean finger into the liquid, and spread just that amount on my t-zone. When this dries it leaves a bit of a film on my skin. But I am putting foundation over it so after I put my foundation on you can no longer see it. My usually greasy face (after about three hours) stays oil free ALL DAY. No touch-ups, I don’t even do the mirror check every few hours anymore. I know there isn’t any oil. And what is even more amazing…my skin is less oily now.

If you want to look into this do your research, I can’t stress that enough. Do a skin test, read everything you can about this. I really worry about mentioning this because its risky. I even made a list of pro’s and con’s. I don’t know how this will react on your skin, I am not a skin expert. I’m far from it! But this works for me.

Let me know your thoughts as always we can agree to disagree!

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  1. Erica says

    No worries, I use shampoo to clean my brushes as. I really hate the stains on a white bristle. I too have used Milk of Magnesia for my oily skin but now swear by Mac oil control lotion. You use it in place if a moisturizer and I don’t have to touch up as I love a matte look. Before I was an oil slick in less than two hours… not good and frankly I don’t care what anyone says… Whatever works for me is all that matters. LOL!!!

    • says

      Thanks Erica, the Mac Oil Control Lotion doesn’t work as well as the Phillips on me. I’ve never tried shampoo, I’m filing that tip away in case I ever need it!

  2. Tensy says

    I also use Dawn for my brushes. I saw a video that stated that she used to work for an artist and this is what he used to clean the brushes he used everyday. I first wipe the brush in olive oil and then I dip then in Dawn and wash them out in water. The sink turns dark with all the color that comes out of the brushes! I use Dawn in the kitchen for any pan that has lots of oily gunk and it comes right out–my HG cleaner!

    • says

      Thats good to know because I don’t want my brushes to come apart or anything. I never heard of using olive oil. I really love the results! My brushes sparkle!

  3. T.R. says

    Crystal you are funny. I’ve heard of using baby shampoo to clean your brushes but the Dawn makes sense too. I mean it does get “grease out of your way”. I think it would depend on how often you use it to wash your brush. I use a brush cleaner for everyday and about once a month a deep clean it my brush cleaner. Right now I’m using the cleaner I got with my beauty blender sponges. When I run out I’ll either try the dawn or the baby shampoo (which is supposed to be gentler but effective).

    I saw a Youtube guru (lilpumpkin ?) talk about the MOM. I’ve been meaning to try it but haven’t gotten around to it. I think I’ll get a small bottle soon and see how it works. :O)

    • says

      I love lilpumpkin, her video is one of the ones I watched about using the Phillips MOM, I am still amazed how well it works and how cheap it is compared to all the expensive primers I used to buy. I haven’t even thought about buying a new primer since I tried it. Thats got to be a record.

  4. JenJ says

    The only time I’ve used brush cleaner to deep clean my brushes is when one came with a set I bought. I’ve been using baby shampoo and it works fine for me. I have Sam’s DVD and follow him on Twitter. So I’ve heard him mention Dawn :) I’ve also heard about using Milk of Magnesia for oily skin. Haven’t tried it yet put may give it ago. Been using some of Mally stuff and that has helped with my oily skin.

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