This Just In: Bare Minerals Purely Nourishing Moisturizer (Combination Skin)

I have been waiting to try this BM Moisturizer for a while. It’s for Combination Skin which I am blessed with year round, lucky me. I wanted to finish up my Mary Kay moisturizer and now that I only have a few uses left my next victim arrived! Take a look.

















This is a 1.7 oz. bottle ($28) with a pump! I was so happy about the pump when I opened the box. I waste so much product when there isn’t a pump. BM makes another moisturizer just like this for Normal to Dry skin also. I am hoping that a moisturizer geared toward my skin type will be an asset to my daily skin care routine. Please let me know if you have tried this!

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  1. JenJ says

    You…will…love…it! This is my favorite moisturizer. Their skin care line is the best. I’ve even used the dry skin version and love it too. And I DO NOT have dry skin. With this wacky East Coast winter I wanted to try something different. I had got a sample of Perricone’s one in the New Beauty test tube which I really really like but not the price. Glad I with with BM. You should try the Purely Nourishing Cleanser. It’s freaking awesome!! Used with my clarisonic and all of my makeup comes off. I used it to remove my eye makeup too.

  2. Aida says

    How did you feel about the Mary Kay moisturizer? I have combo skin too and I’m looking for a new skin care regimen and someone suggested Mary Kay’s line but I can’t fin many reviews

    • says

      I really like it, I’ve used the moisturizer (for oily or combination skin) since August. I love the night serum/solution best it’s a life saver! I’ve gone through 3 of them since summer, I practically bathe in it.

  3. Annie says

    I just subscribed to your fabulous blog! You are doing a great job.

    I also have combination skin and had high hopes for this moisturizer. Alas, I am allergic to one of the ingredients in it(found that out after buying this and a bunch of other skin care items with the same ingredient- oh well). Hope it works for you!


  4. Nobu says

    Been getting into skincare recently so I finally clicked on your skincare tab! I got a deluxe sample of this with Sephora points and I really like it! I have super sensitive skin so SPF and a lot of skincare doesn’t agree with me but this one did! Perhaps because it’s a physical barrier and not a chemical barrier. I got the full size bottle the other day :) I’m really trying to be better with sun protection since I’ve been horrible before (I have tan skin and never burn but I guess sun is bad for you in the long run, no matter what skin color!)

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