This Just In: Black Knight and Tart With A Heart from Butter London

My Black Friday purchases are finally coming! I ordered a bunch of stuff the day after Thanksgiving and everything is just starting to come in the mail. I hope to get my Sugarpill, Cult of Nails, and the Balm order today. These three polishes from Butter London I ordered came yesterday and look at them…there are no words for Black Knight and Tart With A Heart they are just amazing!

Tart With A Heart, Nail Foundation, and The Black Knight

I saw the Nail Foundation demonstrated on Karla Sugar’s blog I think. It looked like a good thing to use under those colors that aren’t opaque enough when you’re doing your nails. Sometimes I really love a nail color but I hate that you can see the white part at the ends of my nails! Here is the info on the Nail Foundation on the back of the bottle.

Here is another shot of Tart With A Heart and The Black Knight…

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  1. Aida says

    I purchased the black knight nail polish and love the color. However, I find that the color only lasts for a day and then chips the next day. I even put an OPI base on before I put the color on and it doesn’t help. This is the first Butter nail polish I ever purchased so I don’t know if that’s just how these nail polish’s are, or if it is just this one. Do you know of a better base coat I could use? Let me know if you have the sane issues.

    • says

      Oh no. I have a few other Butter London polishes like Waity Kaity and some other cream colors and haven’t had a problem. I have to tell you this Foundation Base I got here in this post is my first nail base ever! I never use the stuff. I swear by Seche Vite top coat and every brand polish I use lasts a good 4+ days after using that top coat on me except Chanel polishes. But I’ll try to let you know if the color chips quick.

    • Pam says

      Butters chip fast on me, too. Much faster than other brands, despite what base and top coats I use. I think they just work better with some people’s body chemistry and not well with others.

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