This Just In: Burberry Midnight Brown Eyeshadow No.21

















I’ve been waiting for this pretty eye color for a while. I wasn’t excited about Burberry’s Fall collection. There wasn’t enough COLOR in it for me. I like some fun color in any collection and it was sorely lacking in that. But this pretty eyeshadow was something that I was interested in. I wasn’t alone I guess because this was backordered for several weeks and just came yesterday.

It’s a pretty brown that I think is going to be great for many skin tones. I love how its light and shimmery and I can’t wait to use it. It’s going to be one of those shades that I can easily put on my lids and not worry too much about. It will just look good….here’s hoping! I’ll let you know more about this shadow after I road test it. These retail for $29 each so I’m glad this is all I wanted from the Fall collection!

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