This Just In: Dior…Lots of It.

I went a little off the rails today. I admit it. First let me show you some new things that are out now from Dior. They just got to the Dior counter in my local Nordstrom. The colors are unbelievably pretty (sob) so I couldn’t resist them. Here are some promotional shots so you can see that there are great colors included in this release.

Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick has some great new lip colors and then there is the new polish!

I love all the colors. But I picked up two Addict Extreme Lipsticks ($30) in the colors Bellissima #789 (bottom in picture below) & Paparazzi #866.









I picked up all the nail colors above except the far left one. Here is a quick picture of them.

Dior Riviera, Plaza, and Lucky Nail Polishes ($23 each)

I picked up the Dior New Look mascara ($28.50) in Black. I’ll be testing all of these things out and let you know what makes the cut!

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  1. Barbette says

    Holy Cow – this collection is GEORGIOUS! I would have gotten everything you picked up except I would have added a pink lipstick because I am adicted to that color. Please tell me that this collection is not limited edition and that it will be available, when I come off my Hiatus April 1.

  2. Victoria says

    I love dior addict. My favorite high end lipsticks are dior and ysl. But these i cant wait to try. Please do a review, i wonder if they are as moisturizing as the dior addict. Even though the dior addict line are my favorite, i still feel their colors are kind of limited and lean more on the pinky side and some are too sheer. I basically love them because they are moisturizing and packaging. I didnt like the ones in the blue tube as they werent as moisturizing for me so im really curious about these.

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