This Just In: Sephora + Pantone Universe Picks

I have been stalking my Sephora for a look at the new collection. It finally came and after swatching and looking through everything I picked up the lipstick Tangerine Tango and the Lip Gloss set of the same name.

Besides picking up the lipstick and the gloss set I picked up a Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip Liner #17C ($18) for my orange lip frenzy. Ha!

Sephora + Pantone Universe Lip Gloss Set Tangerine Tango ($20)

Sephora + Pantone Tangerine Tango Lipstick ($18)

Anything from this collection catching your eye? I decided to take the plunge and use that 15% off coupon for Sephora purchases for this stuff.  For VIB’s the code to use is CHICWEEK  good thru 4/6 and for BI’s the code is CHICBI good thru 4/5. They have a eye quad, blush, and a few nail polishes to go along with this so check it out in the store or online.

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  1. T.R. says

    I picked up the Collectors Edition set and the nail polish set. I was thinking about the lip gloss set as well but one of them is already in the Collectors Edition and I can live with out the others. :O) I haven’t tried any of mine out yet but plan to this weekend.

  2. shontay says

    I checked this out at my Sephora, too and used the discount. I only got the lipstick. I really enjoy it. No funky smell, it’s creamy and opaque, too. I use it lightly b/c sometimes those really creamy shades are bad news on my full, dry lips.

      • shontay says

        I liked the one side of the blush that had like a satin or matte finish. The shimmery side just rubbed me the wrong way, somehow. Plus, I knew I had stuff to buy from Chanel and Guerlain. Those new automatique lip shines are fantastic. Anyway, I’m glad you like what you bought. I just noticed you got the mufe lip pencil. They are awesome!

  3. JenJ says

    I was going to get the collector’s set now I’m having second thoughts. I can do without the eye quad, eye liner and the blush duo. I may just get the lipstick and the other blush. Lightweight tempted by the nail polishes.

    • says

      Yeah I was thinking I’d get the collector set but I am not that excited about the quad and blush. I purchased a bunch of orange /coral polishes recently from Dior and Laura Mercier so I am good on polish. I got a postcard coupon from ulta today 20% off everything in store except the benefit brow bar and Lancôme I think. Woo hoo!

      • JenJ says

        I’m online looking again now. Need to go ahead and place this order today. I got mine yesterday!! UGH C-O-N-spricay I tell you! LOL! Since Bare Minerals isn’t excluded I may pick up a few things from them. Teehheheee!!

        • says

          Lol I was browsing last night and thinking I want to get another Tarte blush and maybe another Urban Decay shadow liner pencil. It really irks me that they are $20 a piece so I’ve been getting them one by one for a while.

          • JenJ says

            oooooh more tarte blushes *thinks*. i had perversion in my sephora cart but took it out. maybe I’ll pick it up at ulta. oh lawd i can see this getting out of hand lol!

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