Tom Ford Ultra Shine Lip Gloss-Love Bruise

Tom Ford Ultra Shine Lip Gloss Love Bruise, $45 at Neiman Marcus

I wanted to hate this. It’s pricy freakin lip gloss but I really do like it. It’s not something I’d get a back up of or even get another shade. This is a one off. You heard it here first! No more TF gloss for me but thats only because this one is everything! It’s a beautiful plum/pink shade with some surprise gold sparkle thrown in there! Gorgeous I tell ya…it’s gorgeous!








I really like the light texture of the gloss. It’s slightly sticky but there is no taste or overpowering smell which I appreciate. But what really won me over is the opaque glossy finish. It screams luxury to this gloss girl. Its hard to get this kind of pigmentation into a formula this light. And the gold sparkle…its like my favorite lip gloss ever Nars Oasis amped up times ten!  Love Bruise is a little deeper and more of a plummy shade than the Nars gloss but consider it if you don’t want to shell out almost $50!

This is a nice to have item-not a must have. Check out the pretty shades available at the Tom Ford counter next time you are there. You might see something worth picking up!

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  1. Mary says

    It looks amazing on you! Yeah, TF stuff is super expensive, but I still own 2 of his lipsticks (sigh). I haven’t tried the gloss, but now I have to. Great products – now all he has to do is work on the NAMES. Love Bruise – really ??? LOL

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