Top 5: High End Foundations!

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  1. says

    great video! i have the Chanel and the Estee Lauder, and I know I bought the Estee Lauder because of you! I really wanted to try the YSL but the colour match isn’t quite right for me:( Maybe I’ll try the MAC foundations next.

  2. Tammy Sher says

    I have to tell you… I watched this video yesterday, and that was exactly what I needed to give me that gentle push to go to Estee Lauder at Dillard’s in my town. I’ve never had a high end product…in fact I am *just* beginning to realize I am worth taking care of and picking up a few products. This whole cosmetics and beauty world has been a bit overwhelming, and I have sooo appreciated your words, reviews, and advice! Anyhoo…I just thought I’d tell you I now have a 10-day sample of Estee Lauder’s foundation in “tawny,” and I’m loving it. THANK YOU! :)

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