Urban Decay Fun Palette



Urban Decay Fun Palette $34





This palette looks amazingly cute and well FUN! I NEED it. I love the bright colors, this is just perfect for Spring!

I currently have the other two palettes that came out at the same time as this one. Here’s a brief look at the other two Urban Decay palettes that were also released recently.



Urban Decay Feminine Palette $34













Urban Decay Dangerous Palette $34






Both the Feminine palette and Dangerous palette are really great. I love using them. I am always happy with Urban Decay palettes. I have quite a collection going on….I’d love to add the Fun Palette to my family! These palettes are like my children after all.

All three palettes are also at Ulta, I saw them there last week. So gorgeous!


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  1. Alicia says

    I haven’t every tried Urban decay ! I really want to though, I am thinking of getting the feminine pallet. The only problem is that urban decay is really hard to get a hold of in my part of the world.

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