VLOG: New Estee Lauder & Dior Wooohooo!

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  1. says

    This is crazy! Wish I have one around…. I always worried the expiration date n those Linda makeup… Because you know… They are cheaper because they are old… But when I get a chance I will buy them anyway lol

  2. Daniel says

    Thanks for taking us along shopping. Really enjoying these trips, Since shopping is way better in the USA. I’m in Sydney Australia.

    OMG I love that Dior lip gloss. I’m heading to my Dior counter tomorrow to see if we have it yet in oz. doubt it!

    Also wanted to know. What breed is max? LOVE dogs!!!

    • says

      Hello Australia:) Thank you so much for watching. I’m so glad these type of videos are interesting to you! I love to see things like this! Max is a rescue dog and the vet said he’s mostly Golden Retriever but other stuff is mixed in. Have a wonderful weekend thanks for commenting:)

      • Daniel says

        Thank you so much for the reply. It’s really great to hear back from you, that’s what sets you apart from everyone else I follow….. You take the time to read comments and reply back. Keep up the awesome videos the blog page. Your doing a great job.

        I love labs and golden retrievers the most. That’s awesome you have him a second chance as a rescue dog.

        Thanks again for taking the time to reply. Have a great weekend too.


        • says

          I love Labs! Such sweet dogs:) Max is such a great dog. We always say what was our life like without him, it’s hard to remember now he’s such a big part of our days!

  3. Courtney says

    I made my first Estée Lauder purchase today thanks to Crystal!!! I got the two lip colors…like I needed another one! I got the Fuchsia Fever and Solar Crush. I’ll probably go back for the liquid bronzer when it gets warmer here in Connecticut! Thanks Crystal once again for helping me spend $$$ :-)

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