VLOG: New Maybelline LE Color Tattoos!

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  1. Khalilah says

    Great review as usual! I have the WnW mauve Outta here and love it (more neutral as you said so I wear it for work)! Can’t wait for the Spring favs! You know where in headed….out to get those tattoos…lol while hubby shakes head (since I just came home with makeup last night) and BH cosmetics package today!

  2. Khalilah says

    Yes they are having a sale! Never tried them but hey there’s always a 1st time for everything. Lol DEAD…think he would prefer to torture you since I’m torturing him with my addiction…lol

  3. Sharon says

    I really enjoyed going along with you shopping. I have to try more of the new Maybelline shadows. You should take us shopping more often!

  4. Franseca M. says

    Love your vlogs! I’m excited about these new tattoos and can’t wait to pick them up. Just love going ‘shopping’ with you and finding new products!

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