Wet n Wild Going in the Wild (LE) Palette Swatched!

Going in the Wild, $4.99

There are two limited edition palettes out that I picked up at CVS recently. This first one Going in the Wild is a great pick for Spring. The aqua and light lavender shades are amazing! I love that there are some deep shades also. No matte shades in this palette but hey there is enough pretty shimmer to still keep me interested!

Here are some quick swatches of Going in the Wild-pick it up before its gone!

Let me know if you’ve picked this up or plan to! I think it’s amazing. I’ll swatch the other limited edition palette for you shortly!

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  1. Vettacm says

    That crease color on the purple side is calling my name.! It has a duo chrome look to it. Kind of a pinky, brown purple tone to it.! Uuuuggghh so frustrating not to find it! Lol

  2. Pickygal29 says

    Ever since you got hese I have been trying to hunt them down here in Minnesota without any luck! Hope they get here soon :(

  3. Mambopoet says

    Oh, I wasn’t able to find the nude pallet but this was the one I loved anyway. I used it on Sunday for a nice day at the museum, they blended like BUTTA!!!! And stay put with primer. LOVE these!

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