(CLOSED) Wet n Wild In the Spotlight Limited Edition 8 Pan Palettes Giveaway!


I keep seeing new displays pop up in my area every week with these palettes in them. At CVS and Rite Aid mostly. I got my three a while ago (haven’t swatched them yet) but I hear from readers often that haven’t seen these at all where they live. I thought I’d give three of these away to one lucky winner!

This giveaway is international so if you have a mailbox I will get these to you if you win! Use the Rafflecopter tool below to enter!



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  1. Elena T says

    5 days per week, sometimes if I stay home more maybe 2 days/week. I do love wearing makeup but I try to leave my skin breath whenever I don’t go out

  2. Deborah gibbs says

    Hi I live in the Uk but I love your videos, I’m addicted! I wear make up everyday and have bought the Maybelline Tattoo eye shadows after seeing them in your videos. Thanks Debs

  3. Priyanka doshi says

    I wear makeup 2 days a week or whenever I’m going out…and I cant stay without kohl.
    Thank you for the giveaway!!

  4. Chrissy says

    Probably 4 to 5 days a week!! It’s good to give your face a break so if I’m not going anywhere I don’t usually wear any!

  5. Jessica montalvo says

    I wear makeup everyday, be it to go to work, a natural look, or on my days off, a more vibrant lip color or more intense look. I love wearing makeup. I

  6. says

    it depends, i dont work now (when i did work, i did wear make up for work everyday) i only use it when i really do something like visit family or firneds, go to the doctor or going out with my hubby. -normally if i only have to go buy grocery or to take my son to the park i wont do my make up.
    thanks!! :)

  7. Ria alemina says

    I always wear make up whenever i’m going out whether for shopping, hang out with my friends, so probably 3- 4 times in a week =)

  8. Tonya says

    I wear makeup daily. Sometimes I do a full face, but on days like today when I have limited time I just use foundation, powder and blush.

  9. Puspita Sari says

    Every day, because makeup is an important part of supporting appearance that always looks more attractive in front of her husband and others.

  10. Elisa says

    Every day I go out wether to work, to university or just to have fun. Usually it’s about 6 days out of the 7 since I take Sunday to relax at home in my pjs :P

  11. Carla Bosch says

    I wear make up 6-7 days a week, but the amount of it changes depending on where I’m going, and it’s usually only concealer, mascara, eyeliner, a bit of blush and lipstick. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  12. Verena says

    I usually wear make-up whenever I leave the house. So 4-5 days a week. And if I go out with friends on the weekend, of course! :D

  13. anissa says

    well, i work from home so not every day. usually just on weekends if i go out shopping or to dinner. i own a LOT of makeup but i don’t wear it every day – i am trying to change that habit, though! :)

  14. Faiza Qaiser says

    1 or 2 days a week or whenever i am going somewhere . As my acne is getting better i don’t put on that much makeup anymore which once i used to do :)

  15. YY Lin says

    I typically only (really) wear makeup on the weekends. Otherwise concealer, mascara, and tinted foundation is fine for work days.

  16. says

    Everyday of the week I wear makeup, but it s also very natural makeup , some masacara and khol and sometimes lips balm.
    Thank you for this lovely giveaway!

  17. Victoria G says

    I usually wear makeup say, 2 days a week, because my time in the mornings is very limited. I own a ton but I just can’t get around to using the products! I do love a good lipstick though, so I will usually wear that.

  18. Nikki says

    I wear makeup 5 days out of the week. I love makeup. If I could, I would wear it on the weekends as well, but I am just too lazy and busy to do it.

  19. Delecia carter says

    I don’t wear makeup everyday. Probably one day a week (to church on Sunday) unless something else is going on or if I have a meeting or something during the week.

  20. Monica says

    I started wearing makeup regularly just last year (and I’m in my mid-30′s!) Now I put on a full face of makeup everyday (lighter on weekends) and I’ve been enjoying a lot of YouTube channels (like yours!) that help me learn how to apply it properly, what products to try, what colors work for my skintone, etc. THANK YOU!

  21. Juanis says

    I like to wear make up 3 days of the week. Or weekends especially if I go out. Love playing with make up am a beginner.

  22. delfina says

    in the summer i rarely wear make up, maybe mascara three times a week (and a very nude lipstick) and in the winter i def wear it every day haha!

  23. Shweta Manohar says

    I don’t wear makeup everyday, I only apply mascara and lip balm for my class but on special occasions I apply makeup !!!!!

  24. Lubka K. says

    Lately quite rarely – on weekend when visiting friends, going to theatre or bussiness event – Thanks for giveaway

  25. Imene says

    I wear makeup everyday, but I prefer discrete colours. actually, I use a BB cream from Dior and it’s SPF50, so It is a real gain of time.. too simple, too quick! ;) Yay!

  26. Lee Dowling says

    I have to wear make-up for work so, I tend to not use much out of work unless I’m going out or wanting to perk myself up a bit.

  27. says

    Most days, as I enjoy applying it so I don’t find it that much of a chore. Sometimes I go for a ‘not wearing make up’ make up look though! hehe!

    Jenifer xx

  28. Charlene Evans says

    I tend to wear makeup most days if I’m out and about. If it’s a lazy day at home I’m usually makeup free.

  29. LAura T says

    I usually wear make up 6 days a week but it can depend on what I am doing that week or where I am going. If I am having a lazy day at home I do not usually bother.

  30. Margaret says

    Every day that i go out…. so mon-fri for work but i try to stay in on one of my days off just so i can relax, not put on make up and just chill at home.

  31. Rachel Arnup says

    When I am at home I only where make-up for special occasions or when I am going for a night out, but when I am on holiday I wear it during the day and then wash off and re-apply a different look at night!

  32. Srna Kulik says

    Every time I go out! So sometimes it can be 7 day a week,but sometimes when I have exams I stay at home to study,so it can also be 7 days without makeup :D

  33. janet robertson says

    I only wear it when I’m going out at night or when I’m on holiday so I can go weeks without wearing any & then wear it for several days in a row.

  34. Karen Froud says

    Usually 6 days a week – I have very small eyes so need some lovely eyeshadow, like the one your are giving away, to make them look bigger. Rarely go out without it!

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