YSL Pure Chromatics Eye Shadow Palette #6

I thought about getting this quad for quite a while. At $48 (love that YSL pricing!) I had to think hard. I really am a big fan of using eyeshadows wet. I love the deeper pigmentation and the way that eyeshadows that are applied wet have better staying power all day. That’s what tipped the balance on whether to get this or not for me.

There are several different color combo’s available in the Pure Chromatics line of palettes. I got this one, #6 because I really love all the colors and I thought the color combinations would be really pretty. The payoff and deep pigmentation makes creating beautiful long-lasting eye looks easy. And the possibilities are endless. I’ve used a variety of combo’s and I have been really pleased with them all. I love using the purple and pink together and the green and gold shades go well together also. Hopefully you can see from the quick swatches (shadows applied wet to my hand) that I took that the colors are really good. I don’t think that I will get another YSL Pure Chromatics quad but I love this one.

Rated B

Disclosure: I purchased this item myself!

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