Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover-Now I Get The Hype!

Zoya Remove Plus 8 oz, $10 at Ulta

For years people have been asking me if I’ve tried Zoya’s nail polish remover. I’ve never seen a reason to pick it up really. I think that all polish removers kind of suck. I usually have to choose between getting my polish off fast with pure acetone and ending up with gray creepy looking fingers. Or the alternative which is using a moisturizing type of remover that takes forever to get rid of polish. Now I find this stuff and it’s really GOOD. It doesn’t smell yucky or make my fingers look crazy.

I got my 20% off Ulta coupon and rolled on in to the store with a short list and Remove Plus was on it. I decided that it was time to try it and I’m so glad that I did. It’s amazing. I love the flip top and even though at 8oz. the price tag of $10 is steep I needed very little to get all the polish off each nail. And my nails look perfectly clean and no gray fingers! It’s moisturizing! Unbelievable! I love it. It even did a fantastic job with the glitter polish on my toes….

I’m really glad I got 20% off this. It’s an expensive habit. Let me know if you’ve tried this stuff. I’d love to know!

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  1. Tracey says

    I always wanted to because Temptalia has been raving about it for years! It’s about $15 in Canada though .. Making it ridiculously priced. I think she buys the bulk bottle and just refills her little ones! It’s probably a better value.

  2. says

    *sigh* i’ve been debating on trying this. i use beauty secrets acetone (nourishing formula) and that works for me and doesn’t dry my nails out and isn’t inexpensive and always seems to be on sale when i go to sally’s. but i’m still curious about this one for shits and giggles. next ulta coupon i get and if i remember, i may check it out.

  3. Barbette Sealy says

    Yeah that stuff is great, I’m on my second bottle. I ordered so many polishes from Zoya they sent a bottle. I’m glad you like it, it will also be gentler on your nails.

    • says

      Thats so good to know because I love the way it looks like I didn’t even do anything to my nails. They don’t look dry or anything. It’s so dramatically different from the usual process.

  4. Nibeya says

    when i first saw this i just thought it would be great ill have the bottle to put the cheap stuff in, well let me tell you. i love it, wish the sold the refill at my store and i only buy it with the 3 off coupon, it makes it a 10… and great when they have the 5 off not just the 3. its the only way i can justify buying it. lol

  5. Aisha says

    I LOVE this remover. Glitter polish is no longer a task for me to remove with this. But yes it is expensive but well worth it in my eyes.

  6. Kurleigh says

    Love this stuff. I usually pick a large bottle up when Zoya have their 3 free polishes promo. 3 polishes + large bottle remove plus = $25 shipped

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