Discontinued Darn It-Urban Decay’s Dustin Pocket Rocket









Urban Decay Dustin Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss

I’m always falling in love with products that end up being discontinued. I should have known when Dustin was on sale last year on urbandecay.com for $6 that if I liked him I should order another. But I didn’t.

Classy girl that I am (hahahaha!) I’m not into the fact that Dustin strips for me. Wait let me clarify. Depending on how you hold this gloss Dustin is either fully clothed or ummm in his drawers. Front and back. Anyway that isn’t what sold me. I thought this would be a pretty nude-ish gloss. It’s a nice shade with silver little specks of glitter. It’s gorgeous.

I have been using Dustin for a while and thought the other day I should get a backup. But Dustin’s gone. He still is around in places like Amazon ($15+$7 shipping!!) but overall he’s off the shelf at Sephora and on Urban Decays website. Oh well I’ll make the tube last and next time I’ll pay better attention….I hope! Dustin smells funny and tastes funny. But the color!!! I love it.

Do you have something that you love that’s hard to find now? I could list a number of products. Urban Decay took Clean & Sober away from me also. I loved that stuff for removing makeup. And then there is Wet n Wild’s matte 8 pan palette that came out twice and I missed it both times. Grrrr…anyway let me know what you miss or refuse to pay extortion money to get on Ebay!

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  1. Africanorchid says

    Those prices on Amazon are highway robbery and they know it. i just saw they had Kissable Couture lip glosses that are pretty much discontinued now (the site is not working anymore) and the seller wanted $45.00 for one lip gloss. yeah not in this lifetime. HA!. Love those colors though Crystal. :-D

  2. Barbette says

    I have that Pocket Rocket and love it. I wore it the other day thinking this is a sexy arse lipgloss.

    Heads up – Beauty.com has four of the Urban Decay Pocket Rockets for $19. I know this because I just ordered some more last week. However no Dustin.

    Also, they have Kissable Couture glosses AND have Johnny for $15.40

  3. Africanorchid says

    Hi Crystal

    Go to Beauty.com. They have Johnny and some other colors from Kissable there. I just bought some with a 20% coupon beauty.com sent me. Good luck. :-)

  4. Khalilah says

    Hey Crystal….have you tried UD Super Saturated High-Gloss Lip Color? I purchased 4 from Ulta Big Bang, F-Bomb, Love Child and Crush! Super moist and loving it!

  5. Khalilah says

    I may have go thru the your archives to see what I’m missing! FYI…my hubby said “Oh that Crystal, tell her thanks for turning my addiction UP!!!!” *sarcastic tone but laughed/smiled when I sent him to pick up a few color sensationals from Walgreens*

    • says

      LOL he needs to join the support group that my husband is determined to start. I don’t know if you saw what I posted on Instagram & Twitter last week but my 20% off Ulta coupon “accidentally” ended up in the trash can at home. I flipped out a little….but hey thats a big savings darn it! I must have said THIS IS FROM ULTA about ten times. I don’t think it will happen again:)

  6. Khalilah says

    LMAO!!! Now this made my day! It is just because its off of all Prestige cosmetics!!! I don’t think so EITHER…you are a riot!

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