Le Metier De Beaute: Purple Haze & In The Know Bordeaux Gloss

Le Metier De Beaute makes my favorite gloss hands down. There are two new shades for the holiday season and they are fantastic. If you haven’t tried a lip cream from them before you are missing out. These are kind of in between a gloss and lipstick with amazing color and shine. This is not a sticky lip gloss.

I think these new colors are perfect because Purple Haze is great for low-key days and In The Know Bordeaux is great when you want to amp up your lips and show off a super sexy lip!

Purple Haze (top) and In The Know Bordeaux









Purple Haze/In The Know Bordeaux Gloss

I took a picture of Purple Haze on my lips yesterday, it was nice and sunny outside. Today its overcast so sorry about the lighting difference. These glosses are $36 each, please check them out at the Le Metier counter. Once you get a LMDB gloss you’ll be a believer.

Rated A

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  1. Madelyn E says

    Oh I love reading your blog and viewing your videos ! You have such an enthusiasm for beauty – it it contagious . I do too $$$ ( it is expensive ).

    I really enjoy your posts . I bought my first Le Metier lipstick last week ir so. It is theit hot hot metallic pink. It is amazing . I did not buy the gloss — yet . I love fuchsia . I think I will try Le Metier’s intermediate lip creme soon. I did buy the YSL holiday fuchsia lipgloss White Gold Topaz 9 don’t get that name ) .

    Thank you for all your entries. It is a pleasure !

    • says

      Thank you so much, LMDB is addictive. I love the pink lipstick I have its Paris I think. What a color! We love the same shades thats great, the YSL is something else too. Thanks for reading the blog and looking at the videos:)

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