Le Metier De Beaute Red Velvet Lip Creme

My favorite lip gloss brand and my favorite color all rolled into one!

The Le Metier De Beaute GWP for my local Neiman Marcus Beauty Event is Red Velvet Lip Creme. It’s the most beautiful eye-catching red ever and its MINE. The gift with purchase you get may vary depending on what your Neiman’s is doing so check with them before the 4th of March and get some LMDB. It’s not hard to spend money at the LMDB counter trust me. For the event you spend $125 at the counter and get Red Velvet as a bonus. It’s crazy how they make stuff I need, must have, and become fanatical about.

Say it with me Red Velvet…for the WIN.

















I love it, it’s the best red ever. If you want an amazing red to add to your stash this is it! I don’t think this is permanent, I stalk the LMDB gloss colors and I’ve never seen this shade before. Please feel free to contact Neiman Marcus in Tyson’s Galleria for Red Velvet before the beauty event is over. Act fast! The number is 703-761-1600. The beautiful Kathy Shoreman (ext. 3282) or Lisa Corsino (ext. 3306) can help you, they are the best!

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  1. Rene says

    I know this is off the subject but do you have a favorite eye lash curler? I ordered one from Tarte recently and am not happy with it as it does not get all my lashes curled. My previous one was Shiseido and it rusted after a few years. Your advice is appreciated! Thanks.

    • says

      I have one from Nars that I got as part of an eye set they had before, maybe it was at Sephora? Anyway its black and it does the job well, it goes for $20 when purchased by itself. I want to try the Laura Mercier one next, that one looks neat.

  2. Maria José says

    Wow that color looks great on you! I don’t use reds, my lips are tiny ¬¬ and i don’t have the courage to use them xD

  3. destine2grow says

    If I don’t purchase anytging else I know I am getting this color. I do not have a red like this. What other item would u recommend fr this brand?

  4. MoniqueHasana says


    That red was made for you. I am always so afraid to try red, but you are making me second guess. You look very elegant.

  5. Mikenzi says

    I absolutely love this on you! So excited to see who wins I’ve watched every video since I’ve started following you on YouTube!

  6. Gloria Rosales says

    Oh wow that is a great red! This looks like a winner!!! I wish I could hear you say the name. I know how much you love to say the name :)

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