Makeup Staples: NYX Desert Rose Blush

NYX Desert Rose Blush, $4.99 at Ulta

I love this blush! I had it for a while and I cracked the heck out of it on my bathroom floor. Sad face. Well I got another one from Ulta recently and let me tell you I am soooo excited that I have it back! NYX makes really pretty inexpensive blushes that are so good and affordable you have to check them out if you haven’t already.

At $5 this shade is a beauty bargin and a staple in my makeup stash!

I feel like it looks a little deeper in color in the picture that I took above. But hopefully you get the idea that this color is a really pretty pink. Here are some pictures in sunlight of this shade swatched on my skin.









I love how this brightens up my cheeks and if your looking for an inexpensive pretty blush for Spring consider this! Some other colors I love from NYX are Cinnamon (bright orange) and Mocha. At $5 you can’t go wrong. These blushes are pigmented and last all day long. Check them out if you need another inexpensive but beautiful blush in your life!

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    I recently got desert rose, cinnamon and cocoa from hautelook for $10 for the set of 3. I really love all three colors. I was pleasantly surprised with cinnamon, I was afraid it was going to come off too orange on me.

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      What a great deal! Cinnamon is surprisingly wearable-it looks like it might be too much on the cheeks but it looks beautiful and can really make your skin look glowy!

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    I love blush colors like this. Surprisingly enough I don’t own any NYX blushes. I had picked up 2 from Ulta but returned them. They were lighter shades. This one, Cinnamon and one of their Mosaic blushes (the orange one) have been on my radar.

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