Mally The Perfect Nude Lip 3 Piece Lip Set-Deep Nude


Nude lip looks don’t come easy for this girl. But I have something that I’m addicted to using lately and its from Mally! It’s a cute set from her for nude lovers or in my case nude doubters. There are three sets available. I got the Deep Nude set. If you are of a lighter skin tone than me there are two other choices which is nice. Regardless you get a lip pencil, lipstick, and gloss. Mally has all your bases covered with this one!


This set retails for $35 on QVC. All the products are full size so I think this is a decent deal. And it looks fantastic by the way in my own personal opinion!


The lip pencil and lipstick are the exact same shade. And I don’t think I would wear them alone. But when you add the gloss… Well that’s when the magic happens and when I ohhh’d and ahhhh’d in the mirror at myself when I used everything for the first time. I like all three products. Since you are layering (liner, lipstick, and then gloss) this stays on for a decent number of hours. I didn’t notice an odd smell or taste with any of the products either.

Check this set out if you are in the market for a great nude look that is addictive.


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  1. felicia says

    Darn it!!! I trust your opinion so much that I’m willing to give this nude lip set a try. I have just about given up on finding a nude lip. I have so much pink pigmentation in my lips that it seems to cancel out the nude look that I’m going for. We are the exact same skintone, so I’m going in!!!

  2. says

    Color me curious. I think I looked at this set before. I’ve been on a nude kick for a while. I finally picked up 2 lipsticks from the new Maybelline Nudes collection.

      • says

        See that’s what happens when you look at too much pretty lol!
        I got Touchable Taupe and Untainted Spice (I think). I think I may get two more. I was the Espresso one or whatever the deepest one is called. But I may just order online. I am too freaked out by their lipstick not being sealed and trifling azz people touching and swatching stuff! *cringes*

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